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My P90X Journey – Day 52: Marlee Matlin Likes Me! (or The Power of Celebrity)

July 16, 2010

It’s been an odd day in my P90X blog world…

I made two commitments to myself when I decided to blog about the P90X workouts. First of all, I wouldn’t blog about the blog. I see that quite often, but it just seems a little too self-referential – a little too meta, as the cool kids say. Second, I’d try to keep the blogging focused on P90X – the workouts, and their physical, mental, and emotional effect. I could see a day where I might want to spin off into talking about hockey, or baseball, or lousy drivers, but I wanted to hold back on that until at least day 91.

I broke that second commitment a couple of days ago with the radio station post. I just couldn’t help myself – I actually emailed a slightly different version of that to the station originally, but it didn’t get the desired effect. Then I remembered that I had a platform. Okay, it’s not big enough to be a platform, per se, but you get the point. Hence, the radio station post. Off topic, but it seemed to interest people enough that a decent number of you clicked through to read it.

Today, I’m going to break the first commitment. I’m about to get meta on y’all.

As you may know, I’m on Twitter (@sboulton, if you’re also there and looking to give a follow). I have a rather varied roster of people that I follow – sports writers, athletes, tech bloggers, interesting people who I’ve met around town, and the odd celebrity or two. One of the celebrities I follow is Marlee Matlin – she’s a great actress (loved her in The West Wing) and she has a very interesting perspective on activism.

Today, Marlee Matlin tweeted that she was “Making a Change”. When I clicked through on the link that she provided, I saw that she’s registered herself as a BeachBody coach – are the folks who offer the range of fitness products that includes P90X – and that she’s challenged herself to a fitness regimen. She’s currently doing Power 90, and she plans to start P90X on August 1st.

I thought that was pretty interesting, including that she was brave enough to post her “before” picture on her coach page. So, I sent her a tweet to say attaboy, that it’s a fantastic program, and that I was going through my own P90X journey. It’s the type of tweet that I’ve sent out to other celebrities before – “hey, liked you in that movie”, that sort of thing. I generally figure that it goes out into the ether without making any impact.

I could not have been more wrong…

Much to my surprise, Marlee Matlin retweeted my tweet to her. If you’re not familiar with how Twitter works, a retweet is when you read a tweet by someone who you’re following, and then you turn around and send it out so that all the people who are following you can see it too. Reading stuff that’s retweeted by the people you follow is how you often find new people to follow – if someone’s interesting to them, they might also be interesting to you.

Now, Marlee Matlin has more than 46,000 people following her tweets. She’s also in another 2,700-odd twitter lists, plus she turns up in aggregator streams on websites for magazines like People and Entertainment Weekly. In other words, lots of people see her tweets.

This blog, on the other hand, is usually seen by very few people. If I get a dozen people reading the average post, it’s a good day. In fact, the last two days, I’d set new highs for myself in terms of page views. “Highs” is a relative term – yesterday topped out at 54, and the day before that at 40. In other words, I don’t exactly have a broad reach.

Today, this blog had 219 page views, and that number is still growing as I’m writing this…

Suffice to say, Marlee Matlin is an 800-pound gorilla and I, I am the tick riding along perched on the back of the gorilla’s neck. Pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things but, for one day at least, it’s been a fun ride.

Oh, yeah – about the P90X for today. It was kenpo day and, thankfully, I did not feel like an uncoordinated clod throughout it like I did during week 7. Another nice hard workout – sweated up a river – that felt really good. Tomorrow, I have my first massage appointment in about a month-and-a-half – ahhhh – followed by the chiropractor. And then, it’s a stretch day. I’m a happy boy.