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Make Suspensions Mean Something

February 13, 2011

There’s a much longer post kicking around in my head – actually, it’s taking shape in my Moleskine, which is also its own separate post someday. The other post is about the whole mess in the Islanders/Penguins game on Friday night, and it’s basically taking shape around the idea that Trevor Gillies is a moron. Because I like to start with an indisputable fact, and work out from there…

In the meantime, the NHL has announced tonight the suspensions resulting from that game. On the whole, not a bad job. Eric Godard’s 10 games was prescribed, so it can’t really be argued. I’ll say, though, that I’d take that suspension every day if I were him and twice on Sundays, if it meant having my goalie’s back. I wish the 4 games that Matt Martin got was more – 6 or 7 felt more appropriate. I can’t argue with 9 games for Trevor Gillies – I’m actually surprised it’s that long, but he deserves every game of it and more because, as I mentioned above, he’s a moron. Nice $100,000 hit to Charles Wang’s pocket, which is just fine. Only thing that surprises me is the lack of any kind of discipline for Isles coach Jack Capuano.

But my purpose here is to throw an idea out for your consideration. It doesn’t feel like it ought to be a new idea, but I’m quite sure I’ve never heard or read it anywhere. So here goes…

NHL teams dress 18 skaters and 2 goalies for every game. When a player gets suspended, they still dress 18 skaters and 2 goalies – they just grab a body out of the press box or, assuming they haven’t completely buggered their cap management, call a guy up from the minors.

But how about this? How about, instead of just losing the suspended player, they lose the spot on the active roster? In other words, for the next 4 games while Matt Martin and Trevor Gillies are suspended, the Islanders would only be allowed to dress 16 skaters and 2 goalies. For the other five games of Gillies’ suspension, they could only dress 17 skaters and 2 goalies.

Think Trevor Gillies is going to think twice before charging a guy with elbow high if he knows that the guy next to him in the dressing room is going to have to double-shift for half the month? More importantly, think Jack Capuano is going to think twice about putting Trevor Gillies into his lineup to begin with is that’s the potential result?

The only way we’re going to get this crap out of the game – the ONLY way – is peer pressure. So let’s use the supplementary discipline system to put some pressure on those peers, so that they’ll put the necessary pressure onto their jackass teammates.