On Civility

There’s a world that I miss.

It’s a world where men took off their hats when they came indoors.

A world where men got up to give their seat on the bus or subway to a pregnant woman.

A world where people held doors open for each other, instead of letting them swing back into their faces.

A world where people understood that the point of headphones and earphones was so that only they had to listen to their music.

A world where people kept to the right, so that there was room on the sidewalk for everyone.

A world where people paid attention to where they were going.

A world people said “excuse me” when they bumped into you.

A world where people paid attention to street signs, like the ones that say ‘no parking’ or ‘no stopping’.

A world where people understood the concept of standing in line.

A world where people didn’t wear jeans to the theatre. Or running shoes. Or hoodies. Or jeans. Did I mention jeans?

A world where people made original music, or at least remade the entire song.

A world where people cancelled reservations that they weren’t going to keep.

A world where we didn’t have Real Housewives and the Shore. Where the rich people on TV were just actors playing rich people. Where the stupid people on TV were just actors playing stupid people… or politicians.

I’m not imagining this, right? That world existed? Where people treated each other with kindness, and respect, and civility? Where shooting to match the lowest common denominator wasn’t the preferred route in life. This wasn’t just something that I saw on TV or in the movies?

Regardless, I miss that world.


4 Responses to “On Civility”

  1. Austin Says:

    I get most of these, but what do you have against jeans?

    Also, what happened with P90X? I recently started it (on day 17 now)

    • Sean Boulton Says:

      I don’t have anything against jeans, per se – heck, I wear them all the time. But there’s a time and a place. When I was growing up, I remember having it drummed into me that there were certain times and certain places that called for putting on your nicer clothes. Church was one of those places – your ‘Sunday best’, as it were. And the theatre was another – we’re talking plays and musicals, mind you, not the movies. For me, getting dressed up shows some respect for the experience and for the hard work of the performers.

      As for the P90X, I ended up with a bit of an elbow injury a bit before day 60. Put me on the shelf for a bit and, though it’s all better now, I haven’t been able to muster up the self-discipline to get back to it. I still hope to, though. It works like nothing else I’ve tried before.

  2. Deneen Says:

    Very well put! Thx! I am going to share!

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