My P90X Journey – Day 50: Evangelism

The gospel is spreading. It started as just two friends from The Producers, Erin, and me. Slowly, ever so slowly, more people have been sucked into the P90X web:

  • Erin’s brother James was first – he’s been with us since the beginning
  • Two people from my team at work were interested in all or part of it, and one of them had day 2 today
  • Another cast mate is going to give it a go
  • One of my oldest friends is taking a look

Pretty much every time that we’re down in the gym, someone or another remarks on how hard the workout looks, or asks about what we’re doing. Tonight, as James was out front for a smoke before we headed down for yoga, he ran into one of the other guys from the building who’s often in the gym when we are. He’s already ridiculously fit – works out like an animal – but asked what we were doing tonight and if he could try it out. So, tonight we had a yoga buddy.

Good yoga workout tonight. I’m still not sure what’s going to happen on day 91, or day 92, but I can see this being something that I come back to from time to time. Being able to hold a position better than the time before, or being able to hold a position for the first time, is extremely satisfying. And needless to say, it’s an incredibly intense routine.



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