My P90X Journey – Day 16: Where Discomfort Takes Many Different Forms

Today’s lesson, one that I really didn’t need to be taught, is to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing when doing your P90X workout. This is especially true when the workout of the day is Plyometrics. And so to the organizers of the Sporting Life 10K, I say damn you; damn you all to hell.

Several years ago, after I’d stopped running on a regular basis but when I was still making an honest effort at getting back to it, I ran the Sporting Life 10K. It’s a great race. It’s almost completely downhill. It’s run on the first weekend in May, so it’s usually nice and cool. Most importantly, the starting line is about five blocks from home, so the only travel required is to get home afterward.

After doing my rounds of Biggest Loser Wii and now the P90X, I’ve lost a bit of weight and an inch or two off the waist. As a result, those shirts I collected when I was running are starting to fit again, so I’ve been busting them out for the workouts. The technical running shirts are great, particularly for P90X – whatever the material is that they use for them, they do a fantastic job of just sucking up the sweat and keeping it away from your body. Today, I grabbed the Sporting Life 10K shirt.

Now, there are actually two kinds of t-shirts that you might get from a race. There are the technical shirts and then there are your standard cotton or cotton/poly blend shirts like what you’d buy at the store. You usually get those ones from 5K races or ones where it’s a really, really cheap entry fee. As you learn more and more about running, you learn very quickly that you never actually wear those when you’re running.

Today, I learned that there are in fact three kinds of shirts, the third kind being represented by what the nice folks at the Sporting Life 10K provide. This is a shirt that looks like a technical running shirt and that feels like a technical running shirt when you grab it and throw it on, but that you quickly discover the minute you start to sweat even a little is not a technical running shirt – it’s just a polyester t-shirt that’s designed to LOOK like a technical running shirt. This third kind of shirt is not a comfortable shirt in which to do a workout. I’d venture to say that it’s not a comfortable shirt in which to do much of anything. It’s itchy, it sticks to you, and sweat goes absolutely nowhere.

The best part? We’re doing the workouts in the gym of our condo building. It’s three stories away from our unit, and we almost never have to wait for an elevator. Despite the fact that I’m doing an hour to an hour-and-a-half of workouts a day, I am just that lazy that I wasn’t willing to press pause on the DVD and go change into a comfortable shirt.

Yes, you’ve just read 485 words that had pretty much nothing to do with P90X. However, the sub-title on the top of the main blog page did say that this blog is about, among other things, whatever sticks in my craw. Don’t say you weren’t warned…

Now, for those of you who are only here for the P90X talk and aren’t interested in my crazed ramblings, it was Plyo day again – how do you think it went? Like I said early on, I’m pretty sure that this particular routine was invented in Nazi Germany. Go ahead – prove me wrong. I’m developing a particular dislike for the rock star leap move, which is an exercise where you leap in the air, kick your legs up behind you on a diagonal, and windmill your lead arm like you’re the lead guitarist in an 80s hair band. I don’t know if it’s about the move itself as much as it is where it comes within the routine. It’s just not comfortable. The pitch and catch exercise also gives me a newfound respect for Pat Venditte, who’s a pitcher in the Yankees minor league system. You probably haven’t heard of him, so I’d encourage you to click through and watch the piece – he’s a cool story, even if he is a Yankee.


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