My P90X Journey – Day 15: When it Was, Shall We Say, Unsettling…

It’s possible… (strike that) It’s likely… (no, not that either) I’m almost certain that… (don’t hold back) Yeah, I definitely did not wait long enough after eating before working out.

I am a creature of habit. No, really – I know that’ll come as a shock to those of you who know me well, but it’s true. I have the same breakfast (within a slight variance) every morning. I have the same set of programs open on my computer all the time. I do the same things in the same order before I go to bed almost every night.

That’s an important reason why the P90X program is such a good fit for me. No guesswork involved. Every day is planned, every workout is laid out for you. So, while yesterday’s rest day might have been a good idea in theory (and probably was a really good idea for my leg), in practice, it felt tonight like I was starting back at day 1 all over again.

The other routine that I’ve developed along with the workouts during the week is that we do them as soon as I get home from work – if I don’t sit down and get comfortable, it’s a lot easier to commit to going downstairs and getting them done. After the workout’s over, then we eat supper. Unfortunately, due to traffic and other complications, we didn’t get home after work tonight until past 7, by which point I was absolutely starving. That’s fine – we figured we’d just eat first and then wait a little while for the food to settle before going down for today’s chest/back/abs workout. As a result, we didn’t start until 9.

Yeah, I definitely did not wait long enough after eating before working out. You’d think an hour-and-a-half or more would be enough time for food to work its way along. You’d think that, but you’d be wrong.

Pullups? Hard. Pushups? HAAARRRRD. AbRipper X? Well, I didn’t quite throw up…


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One Response to “My P90X Journey – Day 15: When it Was, Shall We Say, Unsettling…”

  1. Eric Says:

    Great story. I’m a P90X grad and I’ve done that myself… and, of course, the opposite (working out on an extremely empty stomach) is not much better.

    If you find yourself in that position again, I suggest you eat light–just enough to satisfy the major hunger pain–a couple hundred calories, or a protein shake ought to do it. Then give your body about half an hour and have at it.

    Don’t give up on the X though. For me, it’s scheduled regiment was a godsend as well. Best!

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