My P90X Journey – Day 11: A Corner Turned?

There’s this theory that by giving voice to your fears, it makes them less scary. You put them out into the world and the burden of carrying them becomes lessened somehow. Now, I don’t know – it’s a little new agey for me. I do know this though – a couple of days ago, I wrote about my concerns that this program might just be a little too hard for me. I wondered about when the pain would be replaced by the ‘good soreness’. Yesterday, the day after the arms/shoulders/abs workout, nothing but good soreness. Today, the day after yoga, nothing but good soreness.

Yoga was actually really good yesterday. It was still very tough and there are still a lot of parts of it that I can’t do, and others that I can’t do well. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that even by the time the 90 days are up, there will still be movements that will be beyond my ability. But I was able to do more of it than I did during week 1 and, as I try to remind myself, that’s really all that matters.

The other benefit that sticking with this brings is that it feels like I’m actually also remembering how to exercise. For example, I was taught in the past that anything physical is easier when you engage your core. Whoever taught me that wasn’t lying – keeping my balance when twisting into some weird yoga position, for example, is a lot easier when I tighten my stomach muscles. Remembering to breathe properly, also a big help when you’re exercising. These are all simple ideas and pretty much common sense. But there are so many moving parts when you’re exercising, both literally and figuratively. Watching the screen to see what you’re supposed to do, making sure your form’s good, the pressure of lifting the weight or holding the position itself – put tight core and breathing on top of all that, and it’s a little much sometimes!

And the results are still coming. Fourth hole on the belt buckle and my jeans are still gapping at the waist. I don’t think I can go to the fifth hole without folding them over, which means the small jeans really need to come out of storage.

So now, the weekend. Slept in a bit this morning – give the body a chance to rest and recuperate. Settled in now to watch the Jays game in which, shockingly, the Jays have just hit a home run. Once that’s over, we’ll do a little work on the back, legs, and abs. It’s always the abs… Perhaps a little karaoke tonight. Sunday morning, really tempted to do brunch (and I NEVER do brunch) at this place I just heard about this morning that has bacon waffles. Yes, that’s right, they cook the bacon into the waffles, like the caramel in a Caramilk bar. Hey, I’m working hard at this stuff – I deserve it!



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