My P90X Journey – Day 5: With Soundtrack by Alternate-Universe ZZ Top

Back and legs on day five, and the first day on which I’ve felt completely comfortable doing the exercises. Not that they were easy or that I was able to complete all of the reps that they were doing on the video – just that I had confidence that I could do each of them, with what felt like good form and a reasonable degree of success. As I’ve mentioned, the one physical tool I’ve ever had going for me is strong legs. As a result, squats and lunges and calf raises are right up my alley.

Our friend AbRipper X returned for another visit, and the story continues to be one of gradual progress. I’m still not getting up to a full sit-up, but I was able to do a bunch more of the half-up than I did on Thursday. Got through almost the full set of in-and-outs and about 3/4 of the set of oblique raises. There are still exercises that I just don’t have nearly enough ab or back strength to do, but it feels like that may come someday.

The real story of the day, however, is the beginnings of the physical change. Now, trust me – if you’re working this program, your mileage may vary. I somehow doubt that you’re supposed to see tangible results after only four workouts. In fact, I strongly suspect it’s far more a sign of the woeful physical condition I was in at the beginning. However, I’ve noticed a very shallow trench developing on either side of my stomach – every so slowly, the ob is becoming an ub. Also, between exercises yesterday, I saw this little triangle-shaped thing on the sides of my upper arms. I understand that has something to do with the triceps? I don’t know – it’s rather unfamiliar territory for me. The last time I remember seeing anything resembling a muscle in my arms was almost a decade ago when I was working with a personal trainer regularly.

So, all in all, a pretty good P90X day. Not an intolerable amount of soreness as I write this the next day, and I’m really looking forward to the kenpo workout tonight.

Now, on a completely unrelated note, I had originally set this blog up to talk about baseball, among other topics. In fact, the ‘J’ in the title is for ‘Jays’. So I wouldn’t feel right about posting today without saying congratulations to Roy Halladay on pitching a perfect game yesterday. Halladay is a major man-crush for me, as he ought to be for anyone who’s a serious baseball fan. In my opinion, he’s the best pitcher of his generation, and I think there becomes less and less argument against that as time goes on. It was really only a matter of time before he had that history-making, career-defining performance. So, while it’s an enormous dagger through my heart that he did it after he was out of a Jays uniform, I couldn’t be happier for him.

And from the sublime to the ridiculous, there’s really only one thing to say about Kendry Morales of the Angels – ouch


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