My P90X Journey – Day 3: Where Our Hero Does Half a Sit-Up

This is interesting. I can still feel it in the lats and tris from Tuesday’s chest/back/abs workout. As the day wore on, I’ve been getting more and more of an ache in my legs from yesterday’s plyometrics.

So, apparently there’s a cumulative effect to this workout soreness thing. This is new information to me. Makes sense, since I think the last time I worked out three days in a row was, well, never.

Also interesting? I have doorknob turning muscles. I mean, I’ve never thought about this before – I’ve always just grabbed, turned, and pulled (or pushed). The biomechanics involved have never really mattered. Let me tell you, they matter a heck of a lot right now. I know this because I felt those muscles every time I opened a door today. Makes it a heck of a commitment to be a gentlemen.

Now, as for today, we had arms, shoulders, and our old friend abs. This was a surprisingly enjoyable workout. The biggest trick seems to be finding the right weight, one that allows you to hit a decent amount of repetitions before, you know, your arms fall off. Of course, when I say enjoyable, don’t misunderstand. Nothing easy about this sucker at all.

In summer, you kill flys. In gym, flys kill you.

Trust me, it’s funnier if you say it with a Russian accent. Okay, well it is to me…

Biggest positive for the day is that there were actually some parts of the AbRipper X that I was able to do this time. I can’t do a full sit-up yet, but I can at least get my shoulder blades off the floor, and do that several times in a row. I can’t do the backward bicycle, but I can do almost the full set of the forward bicycles. Out of a dozen exercises, I could do pieces of probably half of them. None of this was true on Tuesday, when it might more accurately have been called “Sean watches AbRipper X”. I believe they call that progress.

Tomorrow, yoga, which a reliable source tells me is actually harder than the plyometrics, which another reliable source had told me was the hardest part of this. Add to this that I have the flexibility of a rebar. So, yes, I’m appropriately frightened. Added complication – we have Jays tickets tomorrow night, which means I’m not going to get started with the yoga until about 11 at night, after spending 3 hours or so sitting in those oh-so-comfortable Rogers Centre seats. I can hear the tendons snap, crackle, and pop already…


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2 Responses to “My P90X Journey – Day 3: Where Our Hero Does Half a Sit-Up”

  1. ryan Says:

    Just finished myself. Tried not to smash my face 🙂 I’ll never get over how good those pot stirrers feel

    I’m using 25’s for the arms, and 10’s for the tricep stuff

    its going to be tough tommorow, workout is an hour and a half long. Good news though, only the first half is the hardest. The even news is the last bit is mostly all streching, so you should be set to crash right to bed. I still stand by what i said though. Be interested to see how you place it in the ranks

    keep pressing play!

  2. Dool889 Says:

    Changed things up a bit. I had been working out in the mornings and now I changed to after work. HUGE difference. I did all the workouts and the bonuses. Abs still kicked by butt but whatever. I expect that. Legs are still sore from doing all those plyo’s so I it was impossible to do those leg climbs with proper form. Leg didn’t even go straight at that point.

    Diet is going well at least. Picking up some protean powder and protean bars. Should help the old energy levels.

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