My P90X Journey – Day 1: The Next Day

I feel like I am trying to swim through a vat of glue, which is not good, since I can’t swim. This is also going to require an earlier bedti…zzz…huh? What?

Today after work – plyometrics, which I believe originated in Nazi Germany. Yep, pretty sure I read that on the internet somewhere…


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One Response to “My P90X Journey – Day 1: The Next Day”

  1. Dool889 Says:

    I just started. My day one went mostly the same way yours did. I didn’t even finish all the exercises though. I exercise of completing the first set before almost passing out. I then proceeded to pass out sitting up on the gym floor for a good 10 minutes. I eventually woke up, realized what I had done and packed it up. The guide says to listen to your body and know your limit. My guess is falling unconscious is one of those signs to stop.

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