My P90X Journey – Day 1: Ob

I thought it might be kind of interesting to chronicle this journey. I’ve gone at fitness and better health from various angles in the past – gym memberships, working with a personal trainer, Weight Watchers, running. Most recently, it was The Biggest Loser video game on the Wii, which was reasonably successful. But the siren song has always been the fitness video infomercial. So, when a cast-mate from the musical I did recently suggested P90X, well, I was sold. It’s always seemed like such a logical approach as outlined in the commercials. I mean, I joke about the whole “it’s based on the science of muscle confusion” thing, but it makes perfect sense. Your body will adjust and adapt to anything that you throw at it on a regular basis, so if you keep mixing it up, you’re likely to see some results.

So, a plan was created. Jackie and Ngaio from the musical, as well as my fiancee Erin and I, were going to give P90X a shot. We’d all start at the same time after the Victoria Day long weekend – do the workouts on our own, maybe get together and work out from time to time when things got hard, and support each other online.

Yesterday was T minus 1 – well, maybe X minus 1. Measurements, photos, and the fit test. The baseline to assess progress over the next 3 months. This was perhaps the first clue that this was going to be harder than I thought. No, strike that; this was the confirmation that this was going to be exactly as hard as I thought.

And today? Today was day 1 – chest, back, and AbRipper X. So, what did we learn today? Well, three things above all.

First, the recommended diet is all well and good, but getting seven servings of protein each day is going to be a bit of a challenge. As will restricting myself to one serving of carbs. Papa likes his carbs…

Second, who knew that there were so many different ways to do a push-up? Standard, military, wide fly, decline, diamond, and this interesting little number called the dive-bomber that I’m pretty sure I’ve seen performed on stage in certain finer establishments. And this isn’t an either/or scenario – you do them all!

Third, look, I have pretty realistic expectations out of this journey. I have never in my life had abs and so I’m not judging the success or failure by whether or not I end up with a six-pack. I wouldn’t mind an ab, though. Just one. That would be an improvement since, at this point, I have an ob. Unfortunately, when you have an ob, as I do, it leaves you somewhat less than qualified to attempt a series of exercises called AbRipper X. I’m just saying…

Day 1 summary – surprisingly, I don’t hurt yet, or at least not too badly. Of course, the morning comes soon enough. We’ll see.


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